Dissolving Disconnection Manchester


The Midland Hotel, Manchester
10am-1pm 18th January 2023

“One thing is for sure. Our ability to instantly disarm and be accepted and liked by others from cold is more crucial
now than ever it was. Few can do it. Those who learn to be masters…will never be poor’’.


This is exactly how we tripled make up sales in Selfridges.
Attracted new legal instruction within 10 days…
Taught recruiters how to have anyone listen to them…and yes sold more bakery goods in 40
minutes than a Tesco store had previously sold in a 12-hour trading period!

The stock or service never changed. The we operated…did.

There’s not a lawyer.
A retailer.
A plumber or indeed any business on the planet that doesn’t need to learn the finer points of these behaviours if meeting people is any part of your business.

The mastery of quick and real connection is now a rare but golden currency in the real world.
Most new relationships whether they start at the counter, on email – networking or as new clients
who walk through your door, take too long to evolve.

In this fast world…we need fast in
person connection as much as we need fast “technical” connection.

If you want or need to make business connections and leave everyone you interact with
impressed and ready to listen. Ready to make a real professional friendship… then this one off
presentation will introduce you to exactly “how to”, so naturally, people will think you were born
with the skill.

From the way you move your body, to the vocal tone in your voice and beyond…. we
decide if we like you within 4 seconds. 2 seconds in the written word.
And now – for only 14 people – 30 seconds walk from the train station in Leeds.
You can, and will become a master. The #1 known person in your industry.

I’ll finish with this; I’ve met very few successful naturals in my day……but plenty of successful

Never stop learning.

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Wednesday 18th January 2023 –  10.00AM – 1.00 PM

The Midland Hotel, Manchester M60 2DS

PS: We have a full house on this last month in Leeds. The results – in literally hours of saying goodbye to
each other were extraordinary. Just editing a film of testimonials – on Linkedin now





You CANNOT Miss this one!