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One thing is for sure.

Everything in life, business. Love. Companionship.

There is not one thing that doesn’t come from your ability to be seen and accepted by others then welcomed into someone else’s world.

Often from cold.

The truth being there are over 8 billion of us on the planet and maybe millions doing exactly what you do – all just a different kind of good at their profession.

IT’S YOU THEY BUY. Not what you SELL.
What you sell them comes AFTER they’ve decided they like and trust you.

Skill in telling the world who you are, in a compelling way, is a critical component to success as we make our mind up about others within 5 seconds of meeting…2 seconds in the written word.

Just how do you activate people to want to meet you in that coffee shop do that zoom, buy that extra add on or choose you as their lawyer or accountant – as opposed to have them delete you along with all the others who tried to get their attention that day ?

What actions alert people that you were never just one OF a million. But always…and will remain. One IN a million.

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