You Are Your Best USP

When you work in a competitive industry (and who doesn’t these days) you seriously MUST be able to find a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that compels people to use you over your competitors –  and that’s everybody else with their hand up shouting ME in the industry.

Other brands can offer exactly the same services as you – they can be as good as you …maybe a different kind of good? or have the same products as you. But one thing they cannot replicate…never will have and would never know how to start with … is YOU and how people feel in the presence of your words, written and spoken.

Unless you have an innovative…never seen before on the planet and absolutely crucial to life product or service that nobody else is offering and it’ll be an actual  HUMANITY WIPEOUT without what you do…there’s only one way to dominate a market. That’s to have the relationships with YOU – how people feel in ‘’your presence’’ become your marketing Exocet missile. If you can demonstrate that you are just brilliant – an expert, the go-to person in your area – and people  ‘’just feel better’’ because of you –  you’ll ALWAYS win over someone who holds back. Says the same old lines as everybody else – and flatlines people’s emotions rather than activates the consciousness of others so they notice you choose …you… and remember you.

On the markets turning over nearly £2,000,000 a year  – we were actually 10% more expensive than the bigger counter round the corner – a 20-yard walk from us – but because we knew how to ‘sell ourselves’ – not just the biscuits – we were rammed out with queues of people waiting to be served while the other sellers stood with their arms folded. The same thing happened on the make-up counter in Selfridges. Same thing at the Law Firm in the North of England. Same thing in the big Data Governance company I did the project for last Winter. Having a clear and consistent ‘’way of being’’ made millions for every sector you could shake a stick at over the years. And once you have it – it costs…not a damn thing for the rest of your life…

And in the aftermath of this  COVID pandemic, this has NEVER been a more important trick to learn.

Building your personal brand as your USP

A LOT is said about ‘’personal brands’’ – and ohh yes that’s never been more important than now either…. at all stages of your career, from being able to earn a promotion to setting up and running a profitable business. Pulling this one-off is a  MASSIVE advantage you can work on that will be unique to you. The truth of your personality of course – we don’t pretend we’re something we’re not because we think ‘’that’s how we should be’’. Look at your talents and experience – and how quickly you can build relationships with people who never met you.

Engaging others and leaving a lasting impression on them – being the plumber, artist, celebrant or accountant they remember will get you the business short and long term. So many people leave themselves unforgettable – and honest …it’s not about spinning plates, juggling or reciting an aria. It really is about being YOU – and explaining the reality of that person to others.

How to develop your USP and become seen…known and needed.

I’ve worked with hundreds to become ‘SOMEONE not EVERYONE’… helping them to find…define and EXPRESS their personal USP my  5 DIMENSIONS OF EXPRESSION.





PACKAGING – (dress).

We look at every detail here … make sure we HAVE it …and that every part HITS because it’s energetically aligned to WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

I can help you understand the areas of your personality – and the chapters of your story that show and make sense of where the genius came from. AND …just a bit of a spoiler. IT’S NOT THE MASTERS DEGREE that gets you the job.

To get started –  book a 1:1 Zoom advice call with me and see how much I can teach you in just one hour.

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