Some kind words

Here’s a few kind words from those who sat at the front before you.

Nicky is a one off with an unusual gift.

Julian Richer

Founder / Managing Director
Richer Sounds

Nicky is an alchemist who turns dull, boring emails into gold. Since using what we like to call Nickymail, we’ve had more responses to our sales emails than we can shake a stick at since her month long project with us. We’ve even had people responding with ‘great email’ I don’t need to say that NEVER happened before. She came into our corporate world like a flame headed tornado and managed to convert EVERYONE she spoke to within our organisation. I almost want to keep her as our secret weapon, but a genius like this needs to be shared with the world.

Nicola Thomson

Head of Customer Experience
The Oakland Group

Nicky just created more possibilities in 2 hours than most speakers can do in 2 years

Nick Goldspink

N8 Research Partnership

She just gets people. The impact here was instant and continued. The humour, the insight and the remarkable connection with every one of us sat on every chair.There was a huge and permanent result from the very first session onwards.

Jacqui Hall

Managing Director

Nicky knows people. She really does. The confidence and skills Nicky gave our people were amazing. She helped us with the way we spoke to and helped our customers and from day one satisfaction survey results rocketed. Unmatchable at what she does. Uncompromising about who she is. What a woman!

Katie Cobb

Head of Customer Service and Delivery

We’ve had a lot of so called trainers over the years. None like Nicky. A friend for life because she changes your life.

Joanne Falconer

Service Advisor
Kingston Communications

At Stoke and Dagger we've sat with some of the biggest names there are creating film that changes the way audiences feel - in a positive way in less that 3 minutes. In less than 2  minutes Nicky had our room captivated. In 3 hours...it was like someone had cleared the way to even more for us - with unbelievable insight into who we were and how we personally expressed that. Book her. Book her NOW. She’s exceptional, funny and these days. Essential. It works – we’ve been doing brilliantly well!'

Paul Garrett

Managing Director
Stoke and Dagger

Nicky is a rare and fabulous human being who I have had the pleasure to work with several times. In a world where people are becoming increasingly disconnected, Nicky’s method is clear, simple and works. I’ve seen miracles happen within 30 minutes and difficult people change instantly. Whoever you are you need to hear this right now. She’s also the most entertaining speaker i’ve ever encountered. Genius. Funny and even 4 hours goes in the click of the fingers. Book her now while you still can.

Martin Mason

Global Head of Talent & Performance
The Body Shop

Nicky knows people. She really does. Her work with our service and sales teams turned out be even more valuable than we could have anticipated to be honest - with our verbal and written communications both internally and externally resonating so much more with our customers even after the first session. The confidence and skills Nicky gave our people were amazing and has been instrumental in the increase to our customer satisfaction scores. Without doubt, Nicky has outstanding communication skills and knows just how to teach them to your people in a very unique way. Unmatchable at what she does. Uncompromising about who she is. What a woman! BOOK HER NOW!

Katie Cobb

Head of Customer Service and Delivery​

Nicky Pattinson is quite simply a phenomenon. There are many people who can motivate and encourage but very few who possess the mixture of boundless enthusiasm, refined intuition and inspirational life experience to redefine the horizons of those they meet. Nicky combines perception, analysis and messaging with a unique personal delivery which leaves her audience no hiding place.

Paul Duffen


Nicky Pattinson is without doubt one of the top 5 lady speakers in the U.K today.

Geoff Ramm


Book her. She’s worth her weight in gold.

Katie Wadey

Customer Service Director

No-one who has encountered her would argue the fact that she’s not an outstanding retail genius, teacher and communication expert as well as an entertaining and ‘’real life’’ celebrity speaker

Richard Mcann

iCan Speak Academy

I’ve seen them all…Desmond Tutu and Bill Clinton to name just two. Nobody but NOBODY had the charisma…the wit …the heart that Nicky Pattinson has when she speaks. See her…at all costs get in that audience.

John Buttrick

Childrens University

I met Nicky Pattinson 20 years ago when she created nearly £1,000,000 in sales from cold for Propaganda in one year. She then became the high Priestess of cosmetic sales. Literally tripling my makeup business overnight in Selfridges London. She knows her stuff. She’s a genius and generous one off. Book her.

Mr. Julian Kynaston

ILLAMASQUA / Propaganda Agency

Nicky Pattinson is the legend you’ve never heard of, until now. Sharp, focused, purpose-driven, and hilarious when she needs to be. Never before have I heard so many bites of spot-on wisdom so eloquently packaged in ways that pierce one’s defenses and set them on fire. She has electrified and related to my own audiences as a guest trainer, and has earned my rapt attention on countless occasions as we grow tut.com.

Mike Dooley


Through the principles of communication introduced at World Duty Free we could track the growth on particular lines and seriously it was amazing. We could see sales lifts of over +1000% on some of the lines – like the miniature bottles which we couldn’t keep stock up fast enough. Even bags of sweets which would be up 600% vs the year before and over +1000 % week on week vs before we did our days instore together. This pattern continued and we worked out the amount of extra growth X the amount of stores we’d done. Just the lines we tracked created an extra £4,000,000 in add on extras in year one.

Paul Williams

Training manager
Christian Dior

Nicky Pattinson was the Key Note Speaker at the British Horse Society Volunteer Conference. She took the time to make sure what she said was relevant and helpful – we knew that, having worked with her many times, it would be very entertaining! Nicky spoke for 50 minutes – but I’ll be honest, it felt like 5. Not only did we get cries immediately of “bring her back!” but the skills and ideas she taught us were real and lasting.”

Emma Thompson

Volunteer Manager
British Horse Society

There are speakers who come on – enlighten you – leave – and are forgotten. Then there are true performers who happen to have a message we all need to hear. Nicky is the latter. A cross between comedienne and well… a kind of ‘sales evangelist’. Her relaxed style and unusual words have you laughing one second – and moved in the next. The difference is there are few who could one day be selling buns on Tesco shop floor proving her ‘advanced connection concepts’ and the next suited to speaking to 600. She spoke on the same bill as some of the biggest names in the audio industry at Radio Festival 2015 in the British Library, London – and without doubt proved herself to be world-class that day.

Roger Cutsforth

Radio Academy

Nicky is outstanding. No… Nicky is seriously outstanding. Lifechanging, hilarious and electric.

John Liddle

Sales Director
Moda in Pelle

Oh my Lordy Nicky! Today’s Zoom... thank you sooooo much, it was fab, I can’t express how fab. Complete lightbulb moment for me. I’ve had all the information for my next project but never felt right about it. I soon knew why. Listening to you I got it! I hadn’t made it mine, put me in it. Thank you sooo much you awesome woman xx

Deidre Johnson

Hello Nicky, WHAT can I say but a gigantic HEARTFELT THANKYOU for this morning's session, seriously I just can't explain how much better I feel about things . Nicky, I know you have been inundated ...but I needed to tell you how brilliant and lifechanging that hours zoom was. Fiona

Fiona Pike

Just had a wonderful private coaching session with Nicky last night! I'm so grateful for her constant validation of my strengths. Thank you Nicky. Her session came at the perfect time because I just started my path as a Medium writer 1.5 weeks ago. Witnessing her do her magic with her words and the spaces between the sentences, being able to see it, and sense the energetic shifts is quite amazing!



Testimonial for the ONE & ONLY Nicky Pattinson - who rocked my world view of myself, fire-started my inner Tsunami to help me OWN MY VALUE: "Words are powerful. They can carry us across time and space. But when the words we use are not aligned with ourselves, they don’t give us wings. My session with Nicky brought the power of my words to LIFE. She instantly connected with me and tapped into the current of my language. Our session reset and elevated me… heck… it gave me wings to fly! Thank you, Nicky – for being so genuine, so generous, so YOU

Andrea Kartika Deierlein

Master Therapist
New York City.

My experience with Nicky was taking her Email: Don’t Get Deleted course and a one-on-one zoom session after that. Technically, lots of terrific insights and actionable advice about getting your words just right so that you’ll be heard. But imagine ALL THAT being just the surface of what you’ll receive! Because with Nicky, there is a much deeper layer to this whole efficiency thing. She makes you understand the immense value – in every sense of the word – of knowing who you are and acting from that place. A quality she embodies so generously, gently and powerfully that you’ll end up not just “understanding” – but actually moving that way.

Author, Journalist, Curator

Oh my Lordy Nicky! Today’s Zoom... thank you sooooo much, it was fab, I can’t express how fab. Complete lightbulb moment for me. I’ve had all the information for my next project but never felt right about it. I soon knew why. Listening to you I got it! I hadn’t made it mine, put me in it. Thank you sooo much!

Deidre Johnson

TV and FILM wardrobe manager

I have to say… my one hour with Nicky was 100% more use to me the $10,000 entrepreneurship course I paid for a while ago. As I told a friend right after our session, Nicky doesn’t use the wound to sell like so many conventional strategies push and feel like yuck. She is THE EDGE I've been looking for.Laughs genius and guidance to help me sell with my unique punch from heart

Sarah Woods

Zoooooming with Nicky Pattinson this morning! She's teaching us to elevate our charisma... and she's on fire, as usual! Another hurdle overcome for me... hoping I can tell my story and folks will want to listen... Thanks Nicky xx

Richie S Moore

Therapist and Yoga Teacher
Businesses I’ve Helped Transform


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