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Walking into mind-blowing results.

What would it mean to your business to have the kind of connection where customers want you to actually meet the dogs they love so much? Well, a couple came into Halfords looking for ‘’dog carts’’ – which we didn’t stock – but bought a walking coat to take them out in as a direct result of the very real and quick friendship we struck up… but that sure wasn’t what they’d planned.

Before those lovely people left, they got ‘’the boys’’ out of the car and brought them in… isn’t this kind of ”instant friendship’’ that makes a retail day worth living?

We are in fact in the people meeting business – and we buy who we meet – as well as whats on the shelves.

This 3-minute film will tell you everything you need to know.

If only 5% of your people were this effective – you’d have a massive and continued cash flurry in the tills.

*If this sounds like the kind of transformation your business needs, then email me today on nicky@nickypattinson.com.

*This project followed a series of 8 management events.


Increasing sales by 289%

Every time I work with a challenger brand I meet some of the most innately profound people. People I can never forget… and never was this more so than behind the counters of Illamasqua.

On day one in Selfridges, we increased sales by a whopping 289% just by changing our opening lines to customers…then telling them a story that made sense of why our lipstick and nobody elses.

You see, when you help someone look and feel better they are compelled to buy – and we are compelled to love every second we spend in the store.

Take a look at this video to see how we created this shock result, then email me about your business on nicky@nickypattinson.com if you want to talk about elevating your world to a similar place for yourself and your people.


This is what retail is really about… isn’t it?

Tesco hired me for one speaking event, then booked every spare day I had for the following 12 months – to massive and continued effect.

We really cracked this one. Watch the video to see how quickly those hot cross buns jumped into that trolley – and then find out what Caron, Ros and Pete really had to say about their job. Is it what you expected?

*They are quite extraordinary people though. As were so many of the exceptional friends i lived with at Tesco to be honest.

Send me an email today to see what I can do for you and your business right now on nicky@nickypattinson.com


And the award for the Best Gas Seller goes to…

45-minutes after our first ever in-house event, and on the night of the 2016 BAFTA awards, Mel received this email from a customer: Mel – if there was a BAFTA for selling gas. You would win it.

And she would, for sure.

I lived with CNG for 3 months, and in that time we created a warm (but professional) email style that better expressed the iconic Harrogate success story.

When you think Contact Centre, what drops into your mind?

Probably not what you’ll find in this film!

If you want to know how we did this, email me now on nicky@nickypattinson.com

Ohhh – and before you start…there’s some footage of me in some slightly odd ‘’acting’’ situations on here. We had such a laugh. You may not understand… I hope you do. Life is short. I work with young people who often have the same humour as me… what do you think will happen???

Cedar Court Hotels

Anyone for a side order of chips?

We set out to engage, thrill, and connect with our customers, and have visible and instant cash results.

I love the ‘’add on projects’’ – if people are in your business anyway… £2 extra every 7 customers is a fortune at the end of the year.

We set ourselves the target of creating half a million pounds in a year from room upgrades, extra drinks, deserts, and side orders of salad, chips, and even broccoli!

Did we pull it off?

We freakin’ smashed it.
(Champagne all round).

See if you recognise any of my old friends in this video. Email me right now if you’re looking to improve your hospitality business, just like Cedar Court did, on nicky@nickypattinson.com.

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