To be honest, never has this been a more important action to take.


We’re subjected to utterly apocalyptic messages today …24/7.

Brexit. World troubles. The economy. Climate change. Bombings. Receiverships. Hard times.

Many of us have had personal nasty surprises to deal with this year too.

September is when we all get our head back into work after sitting on a beach staring out at the water for a while … and take our mind down the road of what’s to come for the next 12 months.

Maybe this year we’re a little confused …but FOR SURE we can’t allow any of this projection Into OUR life and business, because that will help nobody and nothing.


But WHO decides what’s real …and what will happen in our own little world – the one we create – Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday.

Are we really paper bags blowing in the wind on the seas of outside influences we can’t fight…or can we still meet the people, do the deals and live the life we wanted.

Many of us are thinking ARE THEY EVEN THERE ANYMORE those opportunities.YEP MANY OF US. We’re that far in to all the shit creating propaganda we’re loaded with day in day out.

But the money still rolls round the world – look out of the window. The trick is to get it from where it is…to where you want it to be. SOMEBODIES doing it!!!

SO – YOU RESET YOUR LIFE FOR THE NEXT YEAR. Don’t let the above – which is always subjective ….set it for you.


Put the headphones on with some rousing music and DICTATE ON PAPER (yes DICTATE. COMMAND. DECREE) where YOUR September 2019 to August 2020 will take you.

Those words have no choice but to penetrate your consciousness and align our inner sat nav. Propel our emotions. Keep the thinking straight.

Read the words you write every single day when you wake up – and every night before you sleep.

*Not the answer to everything – but the backdrop to the charge.

BELIEVE ME – the dollars are still there to pull . But … highly likely life will sway towards the most mentally adept. Those of us who can stand up and not fall over in the sub conscious affray of the media.



I’m off to work in L.A. – will send a ton of messages from THERE!!!

Nicky xxx

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