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Your big life over 40 and beyond starts here.

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There’s never been a time in the whole of social history for ambitious women – and I mean you. Me… and all of us who demand a big inspired successful life over 40 and beyond. There are no exceptions. We’ve never been as needed in the workplace or had as many opportunities as we have now. Let’s be honest, us women of experience…we’ve got s**t to do. Lets DO it.

This is unique.

We learn how to confidently captivate others in a way we could never have done in our younger days. Not by expressing ourselves in the same way at 53 as we  did at 22. Ohh no. We’re much cleverer than that. This is the real deal. Absolute GOLD, no matter who you are or what your experience has been to date.

This guarantees business success and rockets you into a more interesting social life….and let’s face it. Our ability to instantly command others perception of our abilities and worth is and has ALWAYS been the keys to whatever we dream of.


As all this is live and personal – we have limited spaces. Be sure to book yours today.

You won’t get ANYTHING like this ANYWHERE else in the WORLD. Not for this price. Or any price..


  • 8  Powerful and compelling weekly 1hr LIVE sessions on how to bust others perception of you you are and can become. *We do not ever publish the itinerary. Only to group members.
  • Weekly recorded interviews with the most interesting women ever, who have been there and done it before – you’re not alone here!
  • Two BEST SELLING Programmes INCLUDED FREE – Email don’t get deleted. How to keep out of the TRASH icon AND Instantly elevate CHARISMA with personal REVEALS – WORTH over £200
  • 2 PRIVATE ZOOM 1:1s  WITH NICKY to guarantee you deploy your new found charisma and confidence.  (usually £197 each).
  •  Be part of a small group of interesting people…you would never have met otherwise and stay connected

Your Big Life over 40 and Beyond Begins 
30th April 2024 at 7.00 PM UK.

This is your time for more growth and meaning. Excitement and impact than you have ever had in your life.

Earlybird price is only £597. You read that right. It’s NOT £1,997. 

Earlybird price ENDS 14th April – Back to £997 from then!



Full of fascinating content that you can apply straight away and will improve your life beyond recognition. Twinkle - my new nickname thanks to Nicky and it suits me perfectly! She is so perceptive, funny and intelligent, privileged to now call her a friend. Do it now. She's not only clever, but hilarious as well.'

Vicki Beevers, UKIT'S GREATER. LATER has been life changing!

I got more from this program than anything I've even paid in excess of $20,000 for. Unique and immediately impacting.

Sarah Woods, CanadaJust the best of times

Every week shifted something. Every week was hilarious. Poignant. Unmissable and brilliant. Every week elevated me to another level. There is nobody on the planet that has the subject of women over 40 who still have s**t to do more buttoned down than Nicky Pattinson

Barbie Woods, Los Angeles, USAEvery week was a revelation