FREE ZOOM – Be SOMEONE. Not EVERYONE. Over 40 and Beyond


OK – let me ask – What’s the biggest lie we’ve been told about being a woman over 40?

Well…there’s a few going round at the moment
If you feel there may be some truth in any of these statements –  you MUST join us on Tuesday 6th December at 7.00 PM BST

  • I’ve become invisible. Nobody looks at me or is remotely interested anymore.
  • I’ve just not got the energy now
  • Who’d employ me at this age?
  • They all lost respect for me at work – maybe they think I’m past it.
  • The best time of my life is over
  • There’s no interesting people to do things with
  • Its ages since I looked forward to anything
  • Start a new job or business at my age? WTAF..NO.
  • Life took a turn and don’t know where to go.
  • Where do I find people who make me feel ALIVE?
  • Its too late
OR MAYBE you landed here by fate…or design. And have never felt as AMBITIOUS  as you do right now?
Any of the above resonate?

REGISTER HERE FAST: Tuesday 6th December at 7.00 PM BST…

It’s CRUCIAL thinking for the very  best of over 40’s women





”Women at their best. Living the most successful time of our lives.’


Professional Woman OVER 40.


NOT FINISHED. Or even ONLY JUST STARTING?…or life has happened and you’re not sure what the future may unfold?

Sometimes even THE BEST of us buy into an outdated narrative.
The thing is – we don’t ALL want – or are in a position to hang up the MacBook and Prada belt for romantic novels and a pair of checked slippers.

This is the 3rd time we’ve run this SPECIALIST FREE Zoom – and joining us have been some fascinating women from all over the world!