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Write world class emails

Before you send another business email. Read THIS.


And in fact, in this changed world where everyone’s messaging instead of picking up the phone – if you start your emails:

‘’Hi I hope you are well’
and end them ‘’Kind regards’’

You may as well ASK to be deleted. Unseen and often ignored.

One OF a million. Not one IN a million.

This is the ultimate masterclass on what to say and how to say it…tapping into the subconscious emotional needs of the reader. Putting the REAL you into every exchange. 

You just can’t FAIL to take massive strides in every area of communication on completion of this game-changing learning.


For just £77 you get:

  • 1.5 hours of 12 easy to understand and SIMPLE TO APPLY concepts in module form
  • A clear understanding of WHY we’re deleted – and what activates INSTANT positive emotions in others that makes them WANT TO REPLY and feel they KNOW YOU.
  • You can even take the same principles to create a more charismatic social media style
  • You’ll immediately see what damage ‘old ways’ that will never you anywhere have done to DELETE you and your business from potential sales and business and ongoing relationships
  • 1:1 individual Zoom call with Nicky to check progression and tweak individual style (2/3 weeks after module completion)


This is an UNMISSABLE offer for you to immediately rocket your business and lift ALL your online relationships

GET UPGRADED connection skills that create instant warmth in your interactions, high visibility, intense connection abilities, rocketed confidence and FAR more sales, referrals and repeat business.

No more sitting on the sidelines while the competition picks up the business.


Want a 1:1 evaluation that leads to massive elevation of your email and writing style with Nicky herself?

For just £197, you get all of the above AND a 1:1 individual Zoom call with Nicky to check progression and tweak individual style – CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE 


£97.00 £77.00

Course Preview

But honestly… why would someone email back when those inboxes are so saturated when we don’t have a clue as to who you are or why you should be in their world???

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