EMAIL – don’t get deleted…how to keep out of the TRASH ICON.

Upgrade your email skill for instant connection…click send …and look out for the replies.

This entertaining course shows you how to disarm barriers and speak to the subconscious desires end emotional needs of anyone. Express who you really are …and have would be buyers or staff members feel they’ve known you and your business forever.

*In a saturated world – to be ‘’known and connected’’ is your greatest armoury.

Usual price £97

‘’INSTANTLY ELEVATE CHARISMA with personal reveals’’

Upgrade your Charisma..be seen… understood  and bring the right people into your world

Usual Price £68

1:1 zoom call with Nicky

We put you out into the world – instantly resonating with everyone you encounter.

Usual price £197

ALL FOR £247

£297.00 £247.00


Course Preview

”EMAIL don’t get deleted…how to keep out of the TRASH ICON was a game changing experience for me. Literally overnight I got a better response from my emails, social media and other written communication. But the 1:1 was a highlight too. Nicky is warm, funny charismatic and I have to ask – how does she know so much about a total stranger?. I learned more in an hour than I had in 10 years ’’

Julia – Senior Management. Corporate America

“Charisma equals confidence in the Sales, Marketing and Influence world I live in. Nicky Pattinson exudes CHARISMA. She has a rare quality of imbuing that “IT” quality into the people she works with. I also came away from her course and a follow up session feeling imminently more confident and also became 100% clear on a significant career decision and discussion after our session. You cannot walk away from an interaction with Nicky or her work and not improve yourself..and even the names of the modules are a lesson in themselves!”

William Downs – Disney Destinations LLC

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