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In a post covid world – what was always true has intensified. It’s you they buy – not what you do or sell. And they buy or delete you within 5 seconds of seeing you in person – or 2 seconds in glancing at the content of your email, post or written expression.

A big career and the difference between business success and walking anxious laps of the kitchen worrying into tea and cigs every night is defined by your communication skill level and your network building abilities out there.

Be someone. Not everyone Elevate above the Crowds is  “5 Dimensional Advanced Expression” for business like you never saw or heard of before. No hype, over-enthusiasm or expanded marketing lies …this “confident and accomplished way of being”  has created millions for every sector you could shake a stick at. Hotels to supermarkets. Legal services to software. Cosmetics to education. We’ve rocketed staff confidence, engagement and sales to previously undreamed about levels…..mainly just with a few tweaks in the way we explained who you are and why that matters.

I’ve kept all this to private projects.

Until now…

One thing is for sure – if you SAY the same as everybody else. Interact in the same way as everybody else…BE the same as everybody else…you’ll find yourself as invisible…as everybody else while the people with ‘advanced expression skills’ make all the contacts and get all the work.

When you get cracking, you’ll see why the Bransons, Elon Musks – superstars and big hitters in your sector have done what they’ve done. This is a way of you being you in a way that gets you what you want that works.

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