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This is for you RIGHT NOW if any of this is familiar:

Is anybody in your company starting emails “Hi I hope you are well” and wondering why nobody really FEELS enough to respond?

When visitors arrive – does your reception say ‘’What name is it – please take a seat’’

And if they do – just how much emotional association will anyone have when it comes to paying your bill?

Not enough people rebook another appointment.

Not enough people tell everyone how absolutely AMAZING you all are….and how they must USE YOU.


When it comes to cold sales – are your people stuck for what to say? – lost as to how to find a ‘’ a flow’’ of new fans who can’t wait to work with you.

Is anybody feeling a little…erm… LOST?

Not sure how to tell the world who they…and you are in a way that GETS RESPONDED TO.

Do your testimonials make everyone look bigger – at both sides of the counter?

Are you all still using the old TRANCE words and phrases that get you DELETED. INSTANTLY.

Do your people express themselves in a way that makes them – and you…undeniably compelling.

AND FINALLY – do you even know where you’re GOING?

BOOK RIGHT AWAY if to any of these debilitating, presence erasing problems affect you.

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“I thought we’d seen it all – and met them all at Stoke and Dagger. We’ve sat with some of the biggest names there are creating film that changes the way audiences feel – in a positive way in less that 3 minutes. In less than 3 minutes Nicky had our room captivated. In 3 hours… it was like someone had cleared the way to even more for us – with unbelievable insight into who we were and how we expressed that. Book her. Book her NOW while you still can!”.

Paul Garrett
Founding partner, Stoke and Dagger, London


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