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Whether you’re the owner of a new start-up business or you’ve been running your business for ages continued business wins growth and confidence can be hard work.Especially in the current economic climate following all the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you’re busy trying to keep all of your engines running, it’s difficult to make time to look at who you are how we express ourselves…who we are and what we do that in a way that HITS – gets replies and gets you the work now and not next year.

However… if you’re looking for a quick way to super thrust business friendships and keep your business heading fast in the right direction, Nicky Pattinson is the woman, plus much more.

Here are Nicky’s most popular services that can give your business a quick elevation, without having to book a week out of your schedule or find 50 grand to fund it:

Email: Don’t Get Deleted

This online course will explain how to create the perfect email to increase your response rates and generate more sales. From techniques that will ensure your emails get opened, to how to compel your email recipients to reply to your email, this 1.5-hour long course packs in some powerful tips that will drive fast improvements to your response rates, create instant warm business friendships – all by activating subliminal emotional needs and desires in the subconscious mind of the reader.

1 Hour Zoom Consultation

A one-to-one Zoom consultation where Nicky works with experience and intuition to help you dissolve all barriers between you and the people you’d like to work with. Define how you’d like to be seen by your customers – because the thing is if we ‘’tell em’’ and make it clear who we are …it’s human nature to go to a negative perception of us or worse. Not notice you at all. The session teaches you how to be more charismatic and confident, which will help you to magnetise people to work with you faster than ever before!

Global Event Speaking

When you are invited to be a speaker at an event, it can be an intimidating experience but it gives you a massive platform to tell the world who you are and to leave a lasting impression. Writing and delivering an impactful speech is not easy but with consultation from Nicky, you can give yourself the best chance of instantly connecting with the audience and delivering a speech that will positively stay in their minds for a long time.

In-House Masterclasses

The In-House Masterclass involves a personal visit from Nicky to your business  (on zoom or in-person) to perform (she doesn’t like the word ‘’deliver’’) a ‘written for you’ presentation based on the truth of research of both you and your competitors. From how you enrapture your customers at the first ‘’hello’’…to your peoples use of language, tone and the written word.

Get this right – create some magnetism and charisma and you too may well just triple business literally instantly. (Something that’s not unusual after one of these events!).

Whichever type of service most appeals to you, Nicky has an impressive track record of transforming businesses and giving people the confidence and spark to win.

She’s done it – not read it …and all in the one-off entertaining, often hilarious …always emotive unique and genius way that has built her the reputation she has.

Find out more about each of these amazing services and get your session booked while availability lasts.


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