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A ‘qualification devoid’ girl  got a job in a shoe shop job at age 16.

That was me.

Within literally 24 hours I was selling more shoes in a day than the others sold in a week.

Customers came back and the boss was delirious with joy from Monday to Saturday inclusive.

The shoes were just the same. The price I sold at was no lower…

Really though I’m no genius. I just worked out what people were actually buying psychologically… apart from obviously new shoes.

Simply put.

Sales came as a result of connection. Rather than connection coming as a result of sales.

Success gave me a validation for once. Made me a SOMEONE. A creator of money in the till and that became the definition of who I was…

The boss would ask how I did it but I couldn’t explain.

I can now – and i can show you exactly how to do it no matter what you do.

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Moving to the next big era…

At 29 I had a market stall business with my now ex husband – we took that business from 1k a week to nearly £2,000,000 a year in 2 years… (Yep. you read that right. This works).

We were 10% more expensive than anyone else selling the same product – but the customers didn’t care.

They wanted to buy from US – and everything our company stood for (we’d worked that out too). The way we made the crowds FEEL in our unique presence.

As in all good stories I lost everything… and I mean EVERYTHING. Thank God a chance meeting got me a job selling design and branding, something I knew nothing about and in fact still don’t!

Modifying what I learned on the markets and re- applying it to another sector, again we made people feel enough of the truth to be compelled to sign contracts from a cold start, in fact around £1,000,000 in revenue was created every single year for 7 years!

Imagine THAT for a second.

Keep imagining that… and never underestimate the magnetic and indisputable power Advanced Connection has on Elevating Sales.

We’re at a very interesting point in history.

Everybody’s doing what you do – in fact everybody’s doing what we ALL do. To be good is a given and makes no conceivable difference.

* The Tom Dick Harry and Mary of business are trying hard but getting dismissed instantly in the flurry of forgettable expression   they thought was ‘professional’… but actually rendered them dead in the proverbial water.

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Take care and speak soon…

Nicky Pattinson

PS: *No offence meant to Tom… Dick or indeed anyone called Mary. But I wouldn’t notice them in a world where 50 people get in touch a day – even if they fell through the ceiling dressed as a tree. So am unlikely to organise a bacs payment into their account or buy a lipstick off them. Let’s be honest…


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