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I’m not disappointed you’ve maybe never heard of me before today.

I’m not super famous on NETFLIX every night… (yet)… and I don’t define myself by the amount of “Instagram followers” I have.

I’m not even running to “put you in a funnel”… (to this day – most of my emails are actually from ME… an ex-market trader from Yorkshire U.K.).

I’m not going to start telling you “I’m #1 on the planet” Or “a Guru” or have “Superpowers”

I know. Sounds odd. But it’s how we roll here. It’s REAL.

And what I learned and now teach, saved me. Genuinely.

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I’m actually an ex-shoe shop assistant. Ex-£2,000,000 a year market trader… Ex-£1,000,000 a year agency sales producer… massively successful ‘corporate project executor’ …and I laugh as I say “ex-wife”…. BUT… we all have our stories. (Don’t we).

In the last years – I’ve taken the “ways of being” I learned – creating crowds of buyers on the markets, modified the behaviours and self-expression concepts that worked. Re-applied it to any industry you could shake a stick at… creating miracles (yes) from the first 5 minutes … and literally tripling the money in the till for lawyers, software companies, hotels, and pushbike sellers alike.

Not by changing what we sold … but by changing HOW we sold it… OURSELVES first no matter what the product or service was.

We created the formula…the skill to make real instant friendships in a none-slimy grimy ‘I’m only here for the sale’ way. (We all hate that – and it doesn’t work anyway).

What I do expanded in the last year to more targeted offers as you’ll see. But every one of them comes from my real-life experience…and is guaranteed to work for you as it has for thousands of people before you.

OK BRILLIANT to meet you…speak soon and thanks for stopping by.

It means a lot. Really it does. It always will.


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P.S.  If they don’t reply – they rarely buy. If your audience doesn’t want to continue a conversation – you really are dead in the water. No matter how ACE your offering may be!

Nothing happens unless we can command and keep the deep attention of the people we’d like to sell to and work with – no matter who they may be or what they may do.



(Read that again and imagine something different). 



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