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Well 2020 was a ‘‘year of surprises’’ for sure ehhh?

We’ve put together some really brilliant packages to make sure the most creative of all skills – your people skills… how you connect instantly with others… are as HOT as they can possibly be in 2021.

‘‘Life and business are as big as the amount of good people you have in it.’’


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We all aspire to full diaries of interesting people who know us and want to work with us. Or queues of customers who don’t mind waiting because they’re getting more interaction and entertainment than there may be in your average retailer. More community. More LIFE.

If this isn’t how it is for you, I doubt it’s your fault – but you might be feeling a bit invisible. Even frustrated at not quite ‘taking your place’ in business or otherwise.

I understand what could be happening. I’ve been there and helped a LOT of people get out of that situation. From retailers to reiki masters. Lawyers to lingerie salesman.

The problem is – we operate in a saturated world. Thousands do just what you do. Everyone as competent as each other. To be good is actually a given and not the only reason people are activated to buy from you these days.

So, it’s never been more crucial to know how to make instant business friendships. To be seen and felt in the consciousness of others. To have the multi-dimensional Advanced Communication Skills that have you instantly trusted, to  inspire enough to be  chosen as ‘that supplier’’– and if you don’t  – well.

Say goodbye to this month’s billing.

Hey this is nothing new!

If you ‘express yourself into the world’’ with emails that start ‘Hi I hope you are well’’ and end them ‘Kind regards’ – this just won’t work to get you heard anymore. You may well be deleted. Just as if you ask customer after customer if ‘’you can help them’’

Listen – you were born to ‘tell a better story ‘and give a better rendition of yourself than all that anyway I reckon.

It’s a fact – being related to responded to … ‘seen’ is the quickest elevator to social and business success. No matter what you do or who you are.

It opens doors and life like nothing else.

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PS Your world is as good as the people you have in it – and your business is as big as how many reply or respond to you. Let’s get cracking. Is it now or ‘not at all’?

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Making Sense of Adveristy 1


Nicky came to me highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. She taught us concepts that not only made a lot of sense, but were easy to implement. As a direct result of her coaching we changed some of the ways we sold our returner tickets, as a result doubled our income and hugely increased positive mentions on TripAdvisor. Both myself and our wider team found Nicky extremely inspirational - and wow does she know her stuff. Come back soon please!!!

Alexia Rushton-Earl

Stockeld Park

Nicky Pattinson is quite simply a phenomenon. There are many people who can motivate and encourage but very few who possess the mixture of boundless enthusiasm, refined intuition and inspirational life experience to redefine the horizons of those they meet. Nicky combines perception, analysis and messaging with a unique personal delivery which leaves her audience no hiding place.

Paul Duffen

Newsdesk Media

I keep telling Nicky to double her fees and come to the U.S.. She knows connection in sales like nobody I’ve ever met. A genius. No doubt.

Mike Dooley


Nicky is outstanding. No… Nicky is seriously outstanding. Lifechanging, hilarious and electric.

John Liddle

Sales Director, Moda In Pelle

Nicky is a rare and fabulous human being who I have had the pleasure to work with several times. In a world where people are becoming increasingly disconnected, Nicky’s method is simple, brilliant..and in fact bordering on genius. If ever you are lucky enough to sit in her audience or work with her - witness the magic, then sit back and watch your tills fill!

Martin Mason

Global Head of Talent and Performance, The Body Shop
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