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What’s to say about yourself?

I’ll start by telling you I knew I would always do what I do…

Even at 4, I said ‘I’m on a stage speaking to people’’.

I guess it’s an emotive road that takes us all to our destiny. All the ups and downs, joyous moments, and head-in-your-hand’s nights that brings you to today.

We’ve all got an interesting story to tell. All of us.

I’m an ex-shoe shop assistant. Ex 2 million a year market trader. Ex-wife.
To get here we’ve all been an ‘’ex’’ something. It’s how to tell the world who you became that takes you forward – I mean how true is the phrase.


Particularly now…the world has changed so much. The gift of expert personal expression is a skill that sets the winners apart from the others.

Together we’ve tripled sales in retail…got immediate new instruction in professional services and I’ve now worked with many hundreds of people one to one. And more recently events specifically to elevate confidence and influence for 40’s+ professional women, have sold out right away, to great new friends across the world.

Success depends on whether people perk up or shut down in your presence. We’ve never been more hungry for relational business – not so much transactional.


Ready to stand up stand out and become a master of creating relationships?

Email me on and lets start a conversation

Take care until then…


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    Nicky came to me highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. She taught us concepts that not only made a lot of sense, but were easy to implement. As a direct result of her coaching we changed some of the ways we sold our returner tickets, as a result doubled our income and hugely increased positive mentions on TripAdvisor. Both myself and our wider team found Nicky extremely inspirational - and wow does she know her stuff. Come back soon please!!!

    Alexia Rushton-EarlStockeld Park

    I’ve been to many seminars and events. But nothing like this one.

    Genius. Hilarious. Brilliant.

    Fiona PikeNHS Scotland

    To our amazing guest speaker Nicky Pattinson, who not only made us laugh and cry but who truly connected to everyone in the audience, made us all reflect on ourselves and was so well received. The feedback we have had from delegates and partners has been inspiring. Nicky’s personable dynamic style and humour totally engaged every single person in the room from the moment she began speaking. She is a very funny lady who truly knows what she is talking about.

    Thank you for sharing your own story with us, you must book this lady before someone else does!

    Susan Zaidki

    Nicky Pattinson is quite simply a phenomenon. There are many people who can motivate and encourage but very few who possess the mixture of boundless enthusiasm, refined intuition and inspirational life experience to redefine the horizons of those they meet. Nicky combines perception, analysis and messaging with a unique personal delivery which leaves her audience no hiding place.

    Paul DuffenNewsdesk Media

    I keep telling Nicky to double her fees and come to the U.S.. She knows connection in sales like nobody I’ve ever met. A genius. No doubt.


    Nicky knows people. She really does. The confidence and skills Nicky gave our people were amazing. She helped us with the way we spoke to and helped our customers and from day one satisfaction survey results rocketed. Unmatchable at what she does. Uncompromising about who she is. What a woman!

    Katie CobbHead of Customer Service & Delivery, KCOM

    Best feeling in the world when you are seen for who you truly are. Her gift takes you back and brings you forward to a whole another level


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