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Nicky Pattinson
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Here’s a story for ya…

A lost little red haired  lass walked into a shoe shop job at age 16.

That was me.

Within literally 24 hours I was selling more shoes in a day than the others sold in a week.

My boss loved me – my customers always came back. I sold a ton of shoe cream and suede protector.  Life was dandy in the Clarks shoe fitting world. I quickly (for the first time) became a SOMEONE instead of being well…the flippin’ school muppet.

(That’s a someone in the SHOE SELLING sense….anyway. But we’re all defined by what we CREATE in life).

How was this HAPPENING – how could customers buy from this girl with such enthusiasm ?

I couldn’t tell you then – but ohh my life – I so CAN TELL YOU NOW.

YEP – every single detail of what to DO to make it happen for YOU – no matter what industry you happen to have chosen.

CONNECTION and DEFINITION is UNIVERSAL – and the reason i built a £2,000,000 a year market stall business with my ex –  husband.

Ohhh – and not so incidentally taught thousands how to be the most magnetic and charismatic person in their business since.

Message me NOW and lets see what we can do for you and your company.

Speak soon and take care of yaself.

Because no matter how we cook it – everything  will start and end with YOU..and how people feel in your presence.


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Nicky came to me highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. She taught us concepts that not only made a lot of sense, but were easy to implement. As a direct result of her coaching we changed some of the ways we sold our returner tickets, as a result doubled our income and hugely increased positive mentions on TripAdvisor. Both myself and our wider team found Nicky extremely inspirational - and wow does she know her stuff. Come back soon please!!!

Alexia Rushton-Earl

Stockeld Park

Nicky Pattinson is quite simply a phenomenon. There are many people who can motivate and encourage but very few who possess the mixture of boundless enthusiasm, refined intuition and inspirational life experience to redefine the horizons of those they meet. Nicky combines perception, analysis and messaging with a unique personal delivery which leaves her audience no hiding place.

Paul Duffen

Newsdesk Media

I keep telling Nicky to double her fees and come to the U.S.. She knows connection in sales like nobody I’ve ever met. A genius. No doubt.

Mike Dooley

Nicky is outstanding. No… Nicky is seriously outstanding. Lifechanging, hilarious and electric.

John Liddle

Sales Director, Moda In Pelle

Nicky is a rare and fabulous human being who I have had the pleasure to work with several times. In a world where people are becoming increasingly disconnected, Nicky’s method is simple, brilliant..and in fact bordering on genius. If ever you are lucky enough to sit in her audience or work with her - witness the magic, then sit back and watch your tills fill!

Martin Mason

Global Head of Talent and Performance, The Body Shop

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