Who hasn’t shopped here when running through an airport?

All life lands in this business…what an absolute pleasure to travel with this company, what a laugh…actually.

The aim was to have sales staff being slightly more connected than simply asking “Can I see your boarding card please”.

Retail is a massive part of airport revenue and it’s a slightly different concept to just ‘a holiday at the end of a row of shops’.

Unsociable and long hours, repetition and lack of communication skills (not their fault) …all fall into the pie here as well as having people from many different cultures…all working together, in the same place, doing the same thing – day after day. Long night after long night.

Nicky put 6 concepts together and went on the shop floor selling chips on the nightshift , working alongside airport staff and handing out testers of after dinner drinks to test those concepts were correct…and did what they were supposed to.

2 concepts particularly, and the words created around them changed the game and add-ons started to fall into those clear plastic carrier bags like never before.

The result

Creating a training DVD and working with 1,400 people over one year – the result was STARTLING – over £4 million in extra revenue was achieved in add on sales alone.

I’ve never seen anyone grasp the problem or the answer quite as fast as Nicky Pattinson. She’s like a magician , a full onbona-fide retail magician
Paul Williams Training manager, Christian Dior
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