No list of projects could be complete without this one.
Selling make up is well…an art of many complexities.
Made simple – by direct and logical concepts on engagement.

(**ENGAGEMENT means…getting customers to sit down and buy something they most likely hadn’t thought of before they set out – but the first bag they’ll rip open when they get home!).

Cosmetics and fashion are show business in its finest form and the ethos of the company fitted perfectly with my odd ways, as did the staff – many whom became lifelong friends.

The problem in over-saturated make-up halls is sometimes everyone does or says the same. Even those stunning girls and boys become well, invisible

The product, no matter how amazing …may not jump from the shelf and into a yellow bag all by itself. There are far more dimensions to consider before that can happen.. (unless you have a multi million £££ TV and advertising budget).

ILLAMASQUA was a new brand that had landed itself a counter in Selfridges, but no amount of advertising would have brought a line of excited customers to their area as fast as teaching the make up artists how to really EXPRESS what this new brand meant to the world.

We found a dialogue that connected customers to the genius of the product INSTANTLY.
It also connected guests at the counter to the people there, many who went on to freelance for very famous music artists and apply the makeup to the stars on the worlds favourite music talent show.

In this kind of retail we’re not just selling the product we’re selling the talent of the people behind the counters, the vibe around the tills and the ‘performance of the stage’.


A day i will never forget.

289% increase in sales…as the Selfridges floor directors stood back in awe wondering what magic had been dropped behind the counter – and I tell you, you could not have put one more lipstick through that till.


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