I was initially brought in to do a ‘’3 site secret shop report’’ – however the insights sent messages to management that this already brilliant company could be even better.

This resulted in 10 events over 10 weeks for HALFORDS amazing management development series.

As usual …I worked in store wearing the uniform …and trialed a way of being that literally quadrupled sales on 2 chosen store promotions…. documented on film as indisputable evidence.

We’ve now just completed a film series to be shown to every colleague in the group. In The film, called ‘’HELPS’’…. we show not only how to use my concepts, the ones that steer the U.Ks favourite retailers to become even more adept at speaking to their audience – but articulated some of HALFORDS classic customer service ideas.

It’s easy to say ‘’we’re friendly’’ – how do you show people how accessible, approachable and knowledgeable you are? – is that for the brand agency to articulate – or the brilliant, funny, thoughtful, lively and experienced people at the back of the tills and in the bike shed.

I think we all know the answer!

Hear Phil O’connor explain why maybe…Nicky isn’t quite so mad AFTERALL?

My lovely friends at HALFORDS asked me to be filmed selling ‘’promo stock’’ for a management conference they were running.

Did we do it? – did we EVER! In 90 minutes – we quadrupled daily sales of one of the products!

(You’ll see a few ‘’constants’’ in my behaviour …a clue to our mega sales day).

Note the easy way the customers RELATE.

(I LOVED filming this…even though i’d had a TOT the night before – can you tell?…HMMMM).

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