“Imagine me with lawyers – I love them….legal services is theatre of the most creative kind. We may be very different, most lawyers and me .. but that’s the point isn’t it? – we complete the circle..”

The problem lawyers, accountants and professional services have these days is that now like any other sector …that business is only as good as your ability to SELL what you DO.

In fact to be “good at what you do ” is actually a given….who cares what the brochure says about your professionalism?

Let me SEE IT! – tell me what that means to me.

How do these firms become magnetic enough to attract paying guests through their doors and decide to trust your lawyer over another firms lawyer to deal with their issues?

How do we create enough feeling and connection to ensure that those service bills are paid without constant request for discount, and the full value of hours spent on any particular case is fully understood?

How do you create an experience that takes your paying guests from reception to meeting room.. and out of the door and changes their perception of dealing with a law firm from maybe…negative to very VERY positive???

And of course finally – but maybe it should be first…

How do you get to sit across the table from the people you’d like to work with on the ‘’partners hit list’’ ?

Gosschalks is a particularly interesting and bold company..145 strong in Hull. dealing nationally and often internationally with many of the worlds most visible companies.

Very much the corporate world.

Can Nicky help YOUR legal services organization?

Email hiya@NickyPattinson.com

Nicky created a “Gosschalks way of being” that had emails coming into the inbox asking “What had been done to reception? It was so great to be in your building today!” Almost immediately.
New instructions followed fast and a new following for Gosschalks that has resulted in some pretty big wins over the last 2 years.
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