Now there’s a brand name that may have created a response when you saw it here ?
Don’t believe all you see on the telly. TESCO have some very fine people stacking those shelves, showing you where the eggs are located and waving you on your way at the tills.

And some very fine people in the offices – people who i learned a lot from – and respected greatly.
I arrived at TESCO March 2014 to speak at one managerial development event, and no kidding – only left to work with my other favorite retailer HALFORDS …and pre – booked speaking engagements till the end of the following January !
The internal film we created depicting the real meaning of life in the world of the supermarket giant for 3 TESCO people felt very real to the audience – and intensified resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure the perception of its 300,000 strong workforce is as understood by the public .. as it is true.

“They’re Nice people doing a job they excel at”

Another film ‘’THE BUN BAKING GENIUS OF PETER …and other stories’’ created not only to articulate concepts that create quick and real customer friendships – but to capture a particular sentiment about what It really means to be a ‘’TESCO someone’’ who meets hundreds of people a day – and the impact they could have on the lives of the customers they helped .
How that point in turn affected the lives of the good people who walk through the doors to work everyday and do their best to make the supermarket world a happier place was a very inspirational thing.
‘’Peter’’ is of course a real person – one of the fabulous men who actually bake all those hot x buns at Easter, fresh bread every day..and don’t forget your Christmas cakes. .
(Nope – baked goods don’t just arrive down a shoot from some plastic packaging area in the sky).
‘’GENIUS’’ was the catalyst to a lot of different thinking for TESCO.
Sure I worked on the shop floor with all my new friends, as always wearing the uniform. The results were startling, but the main outcome as far as TESCO and myself were concerned …was that the truly brilliant people in that business saw the truth of their own personal greatness again.
Seeing your individual greatness …and expressing that to your customers …is a detail often overlooked or forgotten.

Insanity – when you consider…the articulation of how genuine, caring and special your people are is actually major currency these days.

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