Past Projects

I like to do a couple of projects a year, along with the speaking and everything else. Keeps my stories up to date and relevant. Gives me continuity in my crazy life. We’ve not failed to crack a job as yet – and I tell you I’d no intention of letting there be a sad ending to any one of these stories!

Thrilled to have had posters of myself on the back of toilet doors for people to deface in those companies…(Thrilled to have had moustaches and glasses, profanities and spots inked on my face. A JOY).

Crickey – we’ve had some laughs with some brilliantly humorous people as I’ve trotted up and down the country doing what I do.

The tales below mean a LOT – its who I AM…what I became. Maybe your business has similar situations to the ones described here?

“Expression is the thing of the 21st century, your business or your job is one of the highest expressions of YOU …it has to make people feel … relate…be validated…belong – have a dream of their own.”

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