NickyP Productions


A few years ago I was part of a C4 documentary about AGE (of all things!)… with comedienne and actress Sharon Horgan.

I remember being in a hotel room when it aired and literally being bombarded with emails, tweets and FB messages from all over the country – hundreds! What we did that day had resonated with a LOT of people.

After that, I made a couple of pilot programs in the USA and UK…. Then I was challenged by Halfords and TESCO to make  ” training films’’.

(The very words ‘’TRAINING FILMS’’ makes many an employee SHUDDER!… but to be fair… there is some GREAT and ENGAGING stuff out there TOO!).

Tesco Procurement were blown away by the films we made for them saying they were ‘’Some of the best training films… if not THE best Procurement had ever seen”. 

Filmmaking is now an important part of what I do… and I work with BRILLIANT cameramen, soundmen… and editors.

Watch the clips…

I guess THEY tell a better story than I DO!

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