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“It’s very unlikely Nicky will speak Friday and be forgotten Monday. She’s one of the most memorable speakers we’ve ever had. After announcing our spring conference, where Nicky is on the bill for the 4th time…. already people are calling to say ‘’Is Nicky back ? I’m coming!”
Katie Metcalfe, Marketing manager, Office friendly
I speak to many thousands a year. And I do still get anxious 10 minutes before I go on… ‘cos I want it to be absolutely mind bogglingly BRILLIANT… ohhh yes – ALWAYS.

But the second I’m with everyone… I know – ‘’this is IT’’.

We’ve had some very intense events over the years – where people have seen THEMSELVES for the first time…in a LONG time. Where I’ve had to stop everyone laughing ‘cos I only had 18 minutes left and we were running out of time… even had one where my trousers fell down (that was interesting) – but NEVER one where everybody walks out and forgets about me… or didn’t have real answers… or wasn’t nearer to being themselves and getting where they wanted to be…. 

(And every time I speak… I understand a little more of me too… ‘cos nothing worth experiencing passes one-way)

Email to book something absolutely mind-bogglingly brilliant…( fingers crossed)…  and I’ll see you in the front row


Not too many these days, but get the information the corporations paid thousands for…modified to the smaller business with resolve and a dream.

We literally had queues to buy our products that very first day in Selfridges. Nicky Pattinson is without doubt the high priestess of cosmetics sales and the massive impact she made on us certainly helped ILLAMASQUA become the major global brand it now is.
Mr. Julian Kynaston, Founder of ILLAMASQUA
She may take your soul to who you always knew you were – but couldn’t quite express…and always with a direct but empathetic way, with a flamboyance you get used to – and an intuition you hadn’t quite expected when you booked her.

This is no conventional sales trainer,speaker, communications expert, motivator or sales coach

This is Nicky Pattinson.

Robert Sewell, Independent legal
’It has been fabulous to work with someone as refreshing and honest as Nicky, with her innate ability to connect with you in a way others could never!‬‬
Nicky is inspirational, motivational and I got …. emotional! Everyone needs a Nicky in their lives
Sarah Humphries , Academy Change Manager, Tesco
No-one who has encountered her would argue the fact that she’s not an outstanding retail master, teacher and communication expert as well as an entertaining and ‘’real life’’ celebrity speaker
Richard Mcann, Founder of The iCan Speak Academy, International Motivational Speaker and Times No 1 Bestselling Author
Nicky Pattinson is the legend you’ve never heard of, until now. Sharp,
focused, purpose-driven, and hilarious when she needs to be. Never before
have I heard so many bites of spot-on wisdom so eloquently packaged in ways
that pierce one’s defenses and sets them on fire. She has electrified and
related to my own audiences as a guest trainer, and has earned my rapt
attention on countless occasions as we grow
Mike Dooley
Sharp and funny , this eloquent Yorkshire woman has the power to increase sales, inspire , move you and make not just a financial difference, but to change lives .

Take a trip with Nicky Pattinson ; once met, heard, touched by her – inspired by her – your life, your team – will never be the same again

Liz Green, BBC presenter and documentary maker
I’ve just watched the training video Nicky created for TESCO
– what can I say?!


I’ve seen my fair share of training videos, having spent a lot of years working for a restaurant chain as a manager and training manager, and now doing this role, and I can honestly say this is one of, if not THE best I’ve seen!

Sally Neales, Procurement manager. Tesco
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