About Nicky

“I can honestly say – I know a thing or two about sales…”

Everything I talk about comes from personal experience… there’s nothing theoretical about it.

I’m guessing this “Yorkshire bird” with a very deep voice.. probably doesn’t sound like you’d imagine a professional speaker to sound…and yes I can use use colourful and emotive language on the very odd occasion . But… it’s genuine…and I guess me being ME has actually got me by for a little while now!

I started at 16 in in a Clark’s shoe shop – aged just 16 – I sold more shoes in my first day than most did in a week.

Years later I had a market stall with my now ex-husband, which we took from £1000 a week to an annual turnover of nearly £2,000,000. We understood our audience. We had people 20 deep around the counters… mainly single parents and low-income families. We found a way to relate to everyone that COMPELLED them to buy from us.

AND! – we were NOT the cheapest on the market… in fact we were about 10% more expensive than everybody else!

And all I do …is take what worked on the markets – modify it…and reapply it to any kind of business.


You’re never selling what you think you are you know – it’s not legal services or chocolate, baked beans or shampoo. There’s a bigger, more powerful …emotional transaction driving every sale… every expression of YOU. Forget product details, specifications – it’s much more about YOU…how people resonate with you and your business. .. how you explain yourself to the world.

No-one who has encountered her would argue the fact that she’s not an outstanding retail genius, teacher and communication expert as well as an entertaining and ‘’real life’’ celebrity speaker
Richard Mcann, Founder of The iCan Speak Academy, International Motivational Speaker and Times No 1 Bestselling Author:

OK – sales successes are a good story to tell… but I’ve been through disappointment and deep personal grief too – like everyone else. We all have to find a way to use what you’ve learned from your experiences to propel you to the next place. A better place. What was created below – along with the speaking…film making, writing and everything else – has become my great life.( I’ll be honest…being able to make all this HAPPEN – most likely SAVED my frikkin’ life).

We’ve taken bakery good instantly up between 300% and 800% for TESCO. Sold more promotional goods in 1.5 hours than they had in a week for HALFORDS, Got new instruction for a law firm in 10 days..literally jumped 289% up in Selfridges day 1 for ILLAMASQUA. And many more. The miracles are solid…true…instant – and YOU can do it as easily as ME! I’ll SHOW YOU!

WATCH …people (at both sides of the counter) are switching off to the ‘’same old same old, the trance words’’ that have become the ‘’script’’. They delete not only the words – but the people saying or emailing them!

If someone detects even the tiniest bit of fakery, lack of individuality – or encounter a ‘’I’ve heard those words a million times before” situation. Whatever it is you’re saying bypasses all consciousness…. and I’m sorry but …. ‘’IT’S ALL OVER’’. It really IS.

Ohhh and it’s not that retail or ANY kind of selling is DEAD.…maybe – the copywriters on the internet sites have just got so good at taking us to emotions that compel us to buy…and in reality – in a store …or an office … or out there in the field – we’ve kind of….FORGOTTON A LITTLE.

I guarantee, the information and experience I have will show you…how to elevate yourself to connection and resonance you will not have experienced before.

Are you ready for that? – Have you had enough of the old , tired…worn out ways?

It took a LIFETIME to get here. But it sure was worth the long treck. What I see every day…is a magic stick you’ll wonder… why it took you SO LONG TO FIND!

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