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Unless you’re a monk in a silent order … we all need to be with OTHERS to be at the top of the rankings in sales…or rock that entrepreneurial endeavor!

Today – it’s about expression…telling the world who YOU ARE. In a way that makes people understand …RELATE…and RESPOND.

So for sure – no matter what you’re selling… from legal services to bubblegum – there’ll be something here for you. And incidentally… as I’m sure you’re sat there agreeing – if nobody relates and responds – there’s no business… nowhere to go…nobody to BE.

I’ve literally created millions in sales – and re – launched many a career showing brilliant  people how to change their entire world instantly …with the secrets of exactly how to get customers to love who you are and what you do…. FAST!

OK – well…. I guess i could tell you I was the most BRILLIANT thing since the moon and the stars…but – best you listen to people I’ve actually already WORKED with!


Say Hiya back if you get a minute …i LOVE to hear from everybody!


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What others say about Nicky

Nicky Pattinson is the legend you’ve never heard of, until now. Sharp,
focused, purpose-driven, and hilarious when she needs to be. Never before
have I heard so many bites of spot-on wisdom so eloquently packaged in ways
that pierce one’s defenses and set them on fire. She has electrified and
related to my own audiences as a guest trainer, and has earned my rapt
attention on countless occasions as we grow
Mike Dooley,
We literally had queues to buy our products that very first day in Selfridges. Nicky Pattinson is without doubt the high priestess of cosmetics sales and the massive impact she made on us certainly helped ILLAMASQUA become the major global brand it now is.
Mr. Julian Kynaston, ILLAMASQUA
I’ve seen them all…Desmond Tutu and Bill Clinton to name just two. Nobody but NOBODY had the charisma…the wit …the heart that Nicky Pattinson has when she speaks. See her…at all costs get in that audience.
John Buttrick, CEO, Childrens university
No-one who has encountered her would argue the fact that she’s not an outstanding retail genius, teacher and communication expert as well as an entertaining and ‘’real life’’ celebrity speaker
Richard Mcann, Founder of The iCan Speak Academy, International Motivational Speaker and Times No 1 Bestselling Author:
Nicky is worth her weight in gold.
Katie Wadey, Customer Service Director, Tesco
Nicky Pattinson is without doubt one of the top 5 lady speakers in the U.K today.
Geoff Ramm, Chairman , P.S.A.
Nicky Pattinson is quite simply a phenomenon. There are many people who can motivate and encourage but very few who possess the mixture of boundless enthusiasm, refined intuition and inspirational life experience to redefine the horizons of those they meet. Nicky combines perception, analysis and messaging with a unique personal delivery which leaves her audience no hiding place.
Paul Duffen, (Ex chairman Hull City F.C.), Newsdeskmedia

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